Why Facebook is prone to hacking? And how to stay away from Facebook account hacking?

Facebook has turned out to be the most revered social networking site. Right from individuals to that of large enterprises and companies holds an account with the facebook and it is looked upon as the best means to connect to friends. Along with its popularity come the problems like spamming and hacking activities. It has become the target for hackers as they know that it has got most number of users than any other site. There are also lots of personal and sensitive information shared through facebook.

It is also to be noted that many people are not aware of the security setting options and does not take necessary initiative to keep their account in the safe zone. This has further contributed to increase in the hacking activities by the hackers and spammers and they are at full go into the social networking site. Since, Facebook has become an essential means to keep connected to your dear ones, the only way to keep going with using it is to take care of the security processes that are associated with it.

Steps to Secure Facebook Account:

In order to prevent your account from getting hacked, there are few steps that need to be taken care of and looked into from time to time.

  • Change the facebook account password regularly
  • Email ID needs to be hidden
  • Ensure that the security answer is tough enough to crack
  • Activate Log-in notification facility
  • Set up a hard answer on your email security question

Prevent Hacking

It is necessary to keep changing the Facebook account password in order to prevent hacking. Also, it is necessary to keep the security question answer tough by providing a different sort of or unrelated answer to it. It’s enough that just you know what needs to be entered there. One also needs to make the best use of all of the security measures available with Facebook and to do that you need to be aware of it. If you are taking your privacy in the social networking site serious then keep yourself updated on the security aspects.

Get Good Anti-Virus Installed:

Having a good anti virus software installed to your system is very much essential that not only protects your facebook account but the whole of your system. It is one of the basic steps that need to be done when registering with a social networking site. Also, make sure that you do selective browsing in Facebook, so that you do not invite any of the viruses into your system.

Basic set up to follow:

  • Make use of a secure browser
  • Install software that detects authenticity of sites
  • Ensure that you do not share personal and sensitive information
  • Protect the mail through a strong privacy policy

On the whole, it is of immense necessity for one to take care of the security aspect of the Facebook account but your mail and system as well. This definitely contributes to the much needed extra layer of security for your account.

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