LazyDroid – Android Security Assessment Tool

Lazydroid is a tool written as a bash script to facilitate some aspects of an Android Security Assessment.

LazyDroid - Android Security Assessment Tool


It provides some common tasks such as:

  • Set the debug flag of an application to true
  • Set the backup flag of an application to true
  • Re-Build the application
  • Re-Sign the application
  • Smart log extraction of an application
  • Extract the APK of an application installed from Google Play
  • Download any mobile folder (/sdcard/, application data folder, other)
  • Compare two different snapshots of the same folder
  • Insert Frida gadget in the APK (for example when the phone is not or cannot be rooted, and thus Frida server cannot be run)


Lazydroid requires Linux or Mac OS to run and the next tools installed:

  • apktool
  • jarsigner
  • adb
  • aapt (Android Asset Packaging Tool, part of the SDK)
  • your keystore and alias
  • Frida Agent (pip install frida)


To run the steps would be the following:

You can download LazyDroid here:

Or read more here.

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  1. stratocast09

    i really like this subject.. but ihave a question completely unrelayed to this subject, is it possible to increase the size of your memory card? let say i want to make my 4gb memory card into a 32gb is it possible?
    btw love this app.


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