How to use ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM toolbox Pro is an amazing Application that i have been using for the better part of a year now. In this time it hasn’t failed me once. If the asking price of 4.99$ Seems a little steep to you,That’s ok. While it may not be cheap for an application. It provides an Amazing set of features,and is well worth the cost. So what are those features?What makes them so Amazing?How do you use them?And just how helpful are they? Well let me tell you.

When you first open the application it brings you to this page which shows you a list of available features. As you can see the options to choose from are many so lets jump right in.
The App manager is where you will have the ability to make Backup’s of Your apps and Application data.This will save time and bandwidth after you flash a new ROM on your device. It’s simple. You can even set custom times for It to automatically backup any new applications or any new application versions. One of the most helpful features of the bunch is the ability to create flashable zips of Applications. currently I do this with only one application(because i can restore all the others from the toolbox anyways) Yup, you guessed it. The ROM Manager itself. This way i don’t need to go to Google play to download any applications at all when restoring my data. You also have the ability to backup your custom launcher settings should you use one. This makes for an even easier time setting up your tablet after flashing a ROM.

You have the option of performing specific tasks on applications. This can be incredibly useful when you need to do something like kill an app that’s misbehaving.


Certain Actions you can perform on applications could cause the app(s) to severely misbehave so make sure you know what you’re doing.

The next core feature of the manager is The ROM management part of the Application itself. It comes with the usual bells and whistles. For those of you who may not know what a Nandroid(ROM backup) is.You can think of it like a snapshot of your device. But instead of only capturing what is being displayed on the screen. It takes a snapshot of all your applications and data and stores it to your SD card. Why is this important? while should your device to throw itself into a boot loop or freeze on the boot logo. As long as you can still gain access to the Custom recovery. You can restore your device to it’s previous state(when that Nandroid was made.) This has helped me multiple times. It makes taking care of situations like a boot loop so much easier.

You also have the option to Flash a Custom recovery. However,i have not personally used this and advise you to only do this from a computer using the ADB interface. The ability to change your boot logo is fun,and depending on what you choose can provide a little bit of entertainment while your device is booting up.


Be careful of what you do with this part of the application. You can cause your device to soft brick if you’re not careful. So please be sure of what you’re doing. This application is great..but it can’t stop you from making a stupid mistake. So please be careful.

The next part of the application is the root browser. This works just as you would expect. It allows you to access files and folders that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Such as system applications. Certain applications however,you should not delete. As they are critical to device functionality. if you delete these apps your device may malfunction. So once again be sure of what you’re doing.

Another useful feature that comes bundled in this wonderful application is the ability to download custom ROMs for your device. The list for my nexus 7 is extensive. You also can see comments on the latest build and see if it’s causing people problems before deciding to flash.So there you have it. All the reasons why ROM toolbox Pro is an amazing application. If you have any questions be sure to let me know,and i will do my best to answer them :D

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