How To Download Instagram Videos On Any Device

Download Instagram Videos On Any Device


A lot of apps used for downloading the instagram videos on your pc and mobile.


Download Instagram Videos On Android


Easily Download Instagram Videos on Android via Instagetter.Instagetter is the application which is used for downloading the videos and photos of public in easy way.It is best app for downloading and used by millions of users. Here is the Downloading Link Of Play store.



Instagetter For Android

Steps : –

1. Download the Instagetter app on android from above link.

2. Open the app after installation process,when app is successfully installed,then open the app instagtter.

3. After this open the video/photo which you want to download.

4. Now copy the url of that video/photo from clicking the right hand side menu option, a new screen appears “Copy Share Url” named text appears,tap on this to copy the url.

5. Now open the app and paste the url of that link in the app.

6. The application will check the url and processing for the valid video/photo.

7. After checking a small screen appears, Downloading window appears.

8. Now Click on the download button and enjoy the Download of instagram videos on Android.


Download Instagram Videos On iPhone


Easily Download Instagram Videos on iphone via instaGetter.This app is same as that of android instagetter.This app contains more features as compared to the app on android.This helps us to download the instagram videos/photos and moreover reposting of these also available.Multiple accounts supported in this.Here is the downloading Link :-

Download- InstaGetter For iPhone

Through this you can easily download instagram videos on iphone.

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