Hack Facebook Account without password Step by Step 2017

Follow the following steps to Hack a Facebook account instantly:

Given below are the steps to be followed patiently to get into anybody’s Facebook account in few minutes. Follow these steps and if this doesn’t work then just follow the links given below these steps.

Step 1:
To Hack a Facebook account,  Open facebook.com and Click “Forgot your password? “
Step 2:  
            Below Reset your Password you could find “No Longer have access to these?” Click that.
Step 3:
                 Type your New mail ID, confirm it and click continue.
new password
Step 4: 
                  Ask your trusted contact for help, now you want your friends on that account to help. Click continue.
                    Within 24 Hours you’ll get a new password and Hack the account…!


If you got any Problem Hacking Facebook Just do a comment.

24 thoughts on “Hack Facebook Account without password Step by Step 2017

  1. smith grey hat

    hiii it’s Smith here I tried bt it won’t work in new version…….bt phishing attack it works…..

  2. Mazher Siddique

    its not working at all bro..

    last step is not there…
    Hope you understand.. would request do not post this type of hack which is not updated.

    Thanks…. Tc

  3. Dullah dulliyz

    its not working because it asks you to login from the device you used to, so u can’t do it in your phone

  4. rodney wright

    tried most every method like that one in the article and anything I thought of or found info on .. account does not have two step authentication set up.. but it will not let me change how ir where the code is sent .
    any suggestions?? or even some advice or help . more or less just interested in accessing the messenger on the account.. for someone that claims to never be on there the active light sure stays lit an awful lot . and at some times that are odd and some that make perfect sense if one was cheating . everyday early morning before work , everyday right after work , and everyday at bed time ..
    any help or advice would be appreciated

  5. sherry arora

    not working help me plz i think this is old trick nd there is a chance of ip address trace nd got jail not secured way help me with new trick


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