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How to enable Night Mode in Android Nougat

You have seen night mode apps only on desktop that changes your monitor screen’s temperature to reduce eye strain. f.lux an app that is used to reduce computer display at night works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, is also available on Android, but requires root to work fully.

In Android 7.0 Nougat, Google built-in Night Mode feature and here is how to enable it.


Step 1: Download and install Night Mode Enabler from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Pull down on your notification bar twice to open the Quick Settings menu

Step 3: Press and hold the little gear icon for about 10 seconds.


Now open Night Mode Enable app and tap Enable night mode button. This will bring you to the System UI Tuner entry for Night Mode, which is hidden by default. Here you have to click On to enable Night mode. Once you’ve done this, Night Mode option should be included in your Quick Settings title along with Bluetooth, Airplane mode and few others.

How To Temporarily Change Android MAC Address Without Rooting

MAC is the acronym for Media Access Control. Its address is a unique code made up of 12 (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) characters for a particular hardware like say the network adapter of WiFi devices.

There are many reasons for wanting to change the MAC address of your device. For instance, if you want to connect to a WiFi hotspot then it will be a good idea to change the MAC address temporarily. It will protect your privacy. Another very good reason to opt for this is to ensure smooth interoperability.

For instance, your internet service provider binds their service to a particular address and you want to change your network card or want to install a new router you will find that the service won’t work properly anymore. It may not even work at all. You can solve this problem by changing the MAC address of the new interface.

images (28)

You can of course change this address permanently or temporarily depending on your requirement. Usually you need a rooted phone to change the address but to change the address temporarily you can use a phone that is not rooted.

To temporarily change android MAC address without rooting the first thing you need is to know the MAC address. To find it on your tablet just touch the Menu key and go to Settings. Scroll down to About Tablet and there select Status. Just scroll down and view the address. If you are using an android phone you can do the same thing or alternatively on About Phone select Hardware Information and see the address. Another way is to select Wireless Network from Settings and there select WiFi settings and get the address from the Advanced section.

Next thing is to download a free app called the Android Terminal Emulator. Install it on your device. You need to know the name of your card to actually make the change. So open the app and type

ip link show

You will get a list of the different interfaces. On the list search for the address that matches the one that you found out earlier. Now to change it to the temporary address just type in the following commands:

ip link set AAAA address XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY

ip link set AAAA broadcast XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY.

Here AAAA is the name of the interface that you want to change and XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY is the new temporary address that you are assigning to the hardware. Remember that the address is made up of characters so it can be numbers or alphabets. Now to check whether the address has changed just type

ip link show AAAA

While denoting the new address it is important to keep in mind that only the last 3 sets should be changed. The first three sets should be kept same. If you change them you will face a lot of authentication issues.

As these changes are temporary whenever you reboot your device the MAC address will change back to the original address so you will have to repeat the above instructions again.

There are also some apps available on Google Playstore which supposedly help in temporarily changing the MAC address without rooting like the MAC changer app. All you have to do is follow the instructions given in the app.

Androguard – Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis For Android

Androguard is a toolkit built in Python which provides reverse engineering and malware analysis for Android.

Androguard - Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis For Android

It’s buyilt to examine * Dex/Odex (Dalvik virtual machine) (.dex) (disassemble, decompilation), * APK (Android application) (.apk), * Android’s binary xml (.xml) and * Android Resources (.arsc).

Androguard is available for Linux/OSX/Windows (Python powered).


  • Map and manipulate DEX/ODEX/APK/AXML/ARSC format into full Python objects
  • Diassemble/Decompilation/Modification of DEX/ODEX/APK format
  • Decompilation with the first native (directly from dalvik bytecodes to java source codes) dalvik decompiler (DAD)
  • Access to the static analysis of the code (basic blocks, instructions, permissions)
  • Analysis a bunch of android apps
  • Analysis with ipython/Sublime Text Editor
  • Diffing of android applications
  • Measure the efficiency of obfuscators (proguard, …)
  • Determine if your application has been pirated (plagiarism/similarities/rip-off indicator)
  • Check if an android application is present in a database (malwares, goodwares ?)
  • Open source database of android malware
  • Detection of ad/open source librairies (WIP)
  • Risk indicator of malicious application
  • Reverse engineering of applications (goodwares, malwares)
  • Transform Android’s binary xml (like AndroidManifest.xml) into classic xml
  • Visualize your application with gephi (gexf format), or with cytoscape (xgmml format), or PNG/DOT output
  • Integration with external decompilers (JAD+dex2jar/DED/fernflower/jd-gui…)

  • Usage

    Androguard has many different components, but the most commonly used one would be Androlyze:

Usage: [options]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUT, --input=INPUT
                        file : use this filename
  -d, --display         display the file in human readable format
  -m METHOD, --method=METHOD
                        display method(s) respect with a regexp
  -f FIELD, --field=FIELD
                        display field(s) respect with a regexp
  -s, --shell           open a shell to interact more easily with objects
  -v, --version         version of the API
  -p, --pretty          pretty print !
  -t TYPE_PRETTY, --type_pretty=TYPE_PRETTY
                        set the type of pretty print (0, 1) !
  -x, --xpermissions    show paths of permissions


You can download Androguard here:

How to easily root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on any Android OS

  1. Access this page and download the pre rooted kernel; save it on your computer and unzip it on your desktop if that’s possible.
  2. Download Odin; also unzip and install the software by following on screen prompts.
  3. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus USB drivers must be installed on your PC – use Samsung KIES for completing this task.
  4. Next, run Odin on your computer and enter download mode on your S6 Edge.
  5. For reaching download mode: first power off your device and then press and hold (at the same time, for a few moments) Power, Volume Down and Home buttons.
  6. Connect your phone with your computer with the help of the USB cable – the “added” message will be displayed on the program while the ID:COM field will be turned yellow or blue (if that’s not happening, try to reinstall the USB drivers before repeating these steps).
  7. From Odin select the PA option.
  8. Load the custom kernel file.
  9. Don’t check the Re Partition and Auto Reboot options.
  10. Click on Start when ready and wait while the process is being completed.
  11. The “pass” message will be eventually displayed; the ID:COM field will be also turned green – unplug the USB cord and reboot your phone.
  12. If a boot loop is issued, reach recovery mode and select “wipe data factory reset” and “clear app data cache” – making a hard resetand clearing app data cache can troubleshoot different software related issues.
  13. If Odin gets stuck during the root process, close the software, remove the USB connection, force restart your SGS6 Edge Plus and reinstall USB drivers before retrying everything from step 1.
  14. In the end, access Google Play and download the SuperSU utility on your smartphone in order to resume the root process.

There you have it; that’s how you can root your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Do tell us how things worked for you by using the comments area from down below. Enjoy.

How To Get WiFi Password of your Friends without Rooting

Method Number 1

Important Information


First of all you have to download Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER from Google Play Store

This app can hack only WPS & WPA routers. It cannot Hack WPA2 Router to hack password. and it only support Latest Version of Android, Android 5.O or later then it so your android must be updated.

1. Install the Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER from Google Play Store and open the app.
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2. Click onto the Refresh button it will show your available networks.

3. If it shows a red icon after network name then it cannot hack it and if it show green icon then it can hack the password.

4. Select the Green network.

5. Now click on connect automatic pin it will try to connect to network with its designed algorithm, and will take maximum 1 minute to show you the results.

If you do not get success with this method I mean app then there is a second app which is more powerful than this one and can also try to hack WPS protected networks.

Bypass Android Screen Lock/PIN/PATTERN/FACE – 2016

Android is one of the most popular SmartPhone Operating System. As of Now there are over a billion android users. Every android user must be familiar with Pattern/PIN lock/Face Recognition,a security feature which ensures authorized access to their devices. But sometimes the users forget the pattern or they try the wrong pattern more than the permitted number of tries allowed,getting locked out. In this guide I have collected almost all possible methods to break/bypass a pattern/PIN/Face protected android device.
Follow the below given methods one by one.

Method 1 ( Only If Custom Recovery like Cwm, Twrp, Xrec,Etc… is Installed:)


1. Download this zip Pattern Password Disable on to your sdcard (using your PC, as you cant get into your phone)
2. Insert the sdcard into your phone
3. Reboot into recovery mode
4. Flash the zip
5. Reboot
6. Done!

Note : After Restarting if it still asks any pattern/PIN,just try some random pattern/PIN

Method 2 (For All Devices With Custom Recovery Installed )

Procedure (Using Aroma File Manager)

1.Download and Copy Aroma File to your memory card.

2. Open your recovery (press volume Down + Power button or it can be different according to the phones. Generally the phones who have press able button on the middle they have to press all three buttons. Google for you pattern)

3. There will be an option in recovery called “mount”. Go in that option and then mount all the cache and everything what is there.

4. Then select “update” and select “apply update from SD/external” and select aroma file file that you downloaded.

5. After Flashing or updating, the aroma file manger will open. Use volume keys for up/down and power button 2 select like you use to get into recovery.

6. In aroma File manager , Go to menu , which is located in bottom strip and then select Settings.

7. Go to bottom n select “mount all partition in startup ” then exit from aroma file manger.

8. Now after exit , re-update that aroma file again and it will open again.

9. Go to data >> and then System.

Then find ‘gesture.key’ (for pattern lock) and ’password.key’ (for password lock) then long touch on gesture.key or password.key and sum option will be prompted , choose delete and delete that file and restart.

Note : After Restarting if it still asks any pattern/PIN,just try some random pattern/PIN
Method 3 (No Custom Recoveries Installed)


PC(Linux or Windows+Cygwin Installed)
USB Cable and
adb(Android Debug Bridge) installed.

How to install adb(Linux)

Open Terminal Type the below command and hit enter.
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Follow the instructions until everything is installed.

How to install adb(Windows)

Download the .exe and run it. For download & Instrutions refer the guide here


Connect the phone to the computer via USB(phone should be turned on).
Open a terminal window(Linux) or cmd(windows).
Type the below commands one by one,pressing enter.
adb devices
adb shell
cd data/system
rm *.key
That’s all. Reboot the device.

Note : After Restarting if it still asks any pattern/PIN,just try some random pattern/PIN

Method 4 (All Devices Via Adb – SQL Command)
Open terminal(Linux)/cmd(Windows) and type the following commands,each at a time,followed by enter.
adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
Done. Reboot the device.

Note : After Restarting if it still asks any pattern/PIN,just try some random pattern/PIN
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Method 5 (All Devices Via Adb – File Removal )


Open terminal(Linux)/cmd(Windows) and type the following command.
adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
That’s it. You should be able to use the device without password/Pattern lock now. If it asks for password?pattern at startup just give any random pattern/PIN

Method 6 (All Devices With USB Debugging Enabled )

Procedure: (Primary Steps)
Download & Extract Bypass Security Hack program.
Open SQLite Database Browser 2.0.exe in SQLite Database Browser.
Navigate to By-pass security Hacks folder and open Terminal/Cmd there.
Run the file pull settings.db.cmd this will pull out the setting file out of your phone.
Drag settings.db and drop to SQLite Database Browser 2.0.exe program.
Navigate to Browse data tab, At table there, click to list down the selection & delete secure

Instruction To Remove Pattern Lock:

Continuing the above procedures,find the record named lock_pattern_autolock, and delete it.
Close & save database
Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Instruction To Remove PIN Lock:

From the list, find lockscreen.password_type, double-click it & change it’s value to 65536, and apply changes. (Note: If that file is not there create it)
Next find lock_pattern_autolock, and delete record, If doesn’t exist, Ignore
Close & save database
Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Instruction To Remove Password Lock:
Find lockscreen.password_salt, Delete Record
Next find lockscreen.password_type, Delete Record
Close & save database
Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

As always give any random password/PIN/Pattern if it asks in the first boot.
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Method 7 (Taking Precaution Before Lock Accident) :

As the title says,this method will act as a precaution, before you get locked up,while you still have access to the device.

SMS Bypass [Root Required]- Download & Install It On Your Device.
This App Allows You To Remotely Bypass Your Phone’s Screen Lock By Sending A SMS.
It Removes Your Gesture Pattern Or Password After Receiving A Preset Keyword Along With A Secret Code Via SMS.
SMS Bypass App Requires Root.

1.First, make sure you give permanent root access to the app.
2.Change the secret code to your preferred choice. The default password is : 1234
3.To reset your screen lock, send the following message from another phone:
secret_code reset

1234 reset

Note 1 : There is a space between your secret code and reset. Also the secret code is case sensitive.
Note 2 : There is an option available to change the preset keyword. Default is : reset – Your phone will restart and your lock screen will be reset.

If None Of The Above Methods Work,Do Factory Reset/Full Wipe The Device

Hacking android on local network via Droid jack 4.4

Droid Jack is one of the best RATs for android. It requires litte setup and offer many functionalities which include :-
+ File Voyager
+ SMS Trekker
+ Call Manager
+ Contacts Browser
+ Remote Eyes
+ Remote Ears
+ Browser
+GPS Locator
+ Message Toaster
+ App Manager
+ Detailed Info

This tutorial is about hacking android if it exists on the same network. A detailed tutorial for remote connection will be updated later. The hack consists of fol Steps :-

1.    Download Droid jack 4.4 Cracked

       The file can be downloaded from Droid jack 4.4
2.    Extract and look for the droid jack.jar. You need java installed to open the file.

3.    Login with any fake username and password as it is already cracked.

4.    Now go to apk generator tab. Input file name. Set port number as 1337. You can set it as stealth. which can make the application hidden on mobile but it does not work on all mobiles. The icon of the app can also be changed but it should be 96 x 96.
5.    Now install the apk on victims phone. It can be done through internet as well or any social engineering method.Now go to devices tab and start listening on port 1337. As soon as victims install the app an alert is generated and victims mobile is shown here.
6.   Now the victim has been hacked and we can browse through his internet history, contacts and files.

10 Best Free GPS Spoofer Apps For Android

There are a lot of GPS spoofer apps in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, many of them are fake and crappy. That’s why I’m writing this list-based article. I don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on some crappy apps.
Let’s dive into the list.
Note: This list is not in any particular order.
Mock Locations
Mock Locations is a powerful android app that allows you to spoof the device location in seconds. It has several amazing features such as the ability to simulate GPS route, set breakpoints, set variable speed and simulate closed route.
It also allows you to hide the application icon from the status bar.
Google Play Rating: 4.1

Mock Locations Screenshots

Download Mock Locations

Moving onto the next app…

Fake Location Spoofer Free

If you are looking for special features, this app is not for you. Fake Location Spoofer is actually a simple GPS spoofer app, it doesn’t have any special features like the above one.

Google Play Rating: 4.4

Fake Location Spoofer Free Screenshots
Download Fake Location Spoofer Free

Next one on my list is…

Fake GPS - Fake Location

Take a look at the screenshots, the user interface is so clean and easy to use. It also has a bookmarking feature that allows you to save your favourite locations. No other special features are included in this app.

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Moving onto the next app….

Fake GPS Location

It provides many features such as favourites, history, start on boot and random movement. The user interface is clean, and I personally like this app a lot.

Google Play Rating: 4.1
Fake GPS Location Screenshots
Fake GPS App

I have mentioned this app before in an article titled “How To Fake Your GPS Location On Android“. Fake GPS app is just like the above one, but it doesn’t have the start on boot feature.

Google Play Rating: 4.3

Fake GPS Screenshots
Download Fake GPS

Moving onto the next one…

Fake GPS Location App

Just another simple GPS spoofer app. It has no special feature other than the bookmarks.

Google Play Rating: 4.1

Fake GPS Location Screenshots

Download Fake GPS Location

Next app on my list is…

Mock GPS Pro App

It is just like the above-mentioned app. You can see it in the screenshots.

Google Play Rating: 4.1


Mock GPS Pro Screenshots

Download Mock GPS Pro

Next app is…

Location Spoofer App

Location Spoofer is a great tool to set a fake wireless networks location. It has features such as random movement and spoof duration.

Google Play Rating: 4.1


Location Spoofer Screenshots

Download Location Spoofer

Moving onto the next app on the list…

Fake GPS Pro App

Fake GPS Pro is a simple tool to spoof your device location. It allows you to search a location by using the latitude and longitude.

Google Play Rating: 4.0


Fake GPS Pro Screenshots

Download Fake GPS Pro

And…the last app on my list is…

Location Mockup - Fake & Share App

The user interface of this app is different from other GPS spoofer applications. It allows you to search a location by using the name or the latitude and longitude.

Google Play Rating: 3.8


CuckooDroid – Automated Android Malware Analysis

The future is mobile. Few experts doubt this conclusion these days. The accelerating proliferation of smartphones and other devices powered by the Android operating system throughout the world has created a corresponding increase in mobile apps – especially malicious mobile apps. This relatively new, but rapidly evolving, type of malware poses previously unseen dangers.


As part of Check Point’s continuous efforts against the rising tide of mobile dangers, we, the Malware Research Team, want to learn as much as we can about the constantly shifting Android malware landscape – which means understanding the internal operation of as many malicious apps as we can. Manual malware analysis has always been a slow process – taking days and even weeks per sample – rendering the task impractical even for a small sample pool.


Our solution is to automate as much of the analysis process as possible – following the success of this approach for PC malware. The goal was to create a system that would take an app and produce a report describing exactly what it does when it’s run, specifically pointing out anything “fishy”, which allows us to perform an initial analysis with no human intervention – which is exactly what Idan Revivo and Ofer Caspi from Check Point’s Malware Research Team have built.


Meet CuckooDroid: an automated, cross-platform, emulation and analysis framework based on the popular Cuckoo sandbox and several other open source projects – providing both static and dynamic APK inspection, as well as evading certain VM-detection techniques, encryption key extraction, SSL inspection, API call trace, basic behavioral signatures and many other features. The framework is highly customizable and extensible – leveraging the power of the large existing Cuckoo community.


Below you can see a (very) small part of the final report generated by CuckooDroid – showing the “fishy” traits (color coded by severity) this sample exhibits:




We believe fighting the growing threat of Android malware should be an industry-wide effort – so we are contributing CuckooDroid and all its logic and components into the open source realm – so that everyone may reap the benefits of its power. For the code and full technical documentation see:


If you get the chance, make sure you see Idan and Ofer at BlackHat Asia in the Check Point booth, where they will be teaching about the system and demonstrating its capabilities on real-world Android malware.

How To Hack All Android Phone Contacts 2016

This trick is very simple.  But this method is working for only android devices and you mainly hack another person phone contacts when another person is offline You can hack android phone contacts by using a tool AFlogical OSE. So Let’s See How To Hack All Android Phone Contacts.This tool is used to extract data from an android mobile device

How To Hack All Android Phone Contacts 2016
How To Hack All Android Phone Contacts 2016


How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)

AFlogical is a forensic tool. This tool is used by many forensic departments and security agency to extract the information of android devices.With this tool, anyone can extract android phone contacts from any android mobile. AFlogical tool is developed by via forensics. AFLogical is a forensics tool developed by viaForensics that allow logical acquisition of data from Android devices. The tool is free of charge to law enforcement personnel.

AFLogical OSE ( Open Source Edition )

AFLogical OSE is best of best free android forensics tool. This android forensics tool extracts all type of calls, messages and SMS in CSV format.

When you extract all data you can simply analyze all data in readable format.

This hacking and forensics android tool are made for forensics department. But this lite version is public so anyone can download this tool from the official website. AFLocical OSE pulls all MMS, SMS, Contacts, and Call Logs from your Android device.

Some Steps For Use Of This Tool For  Hacking Contacts From Android Smartphone:-

First Download AFLogical  OSE  Forensics Tool from his Official Website

Install this tool in your android smartphone

Click on select all button in the AFLogical android app.

How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)


How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)


Click on the capture button.

How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)


When you click on capture button a new popup message coming and say data extraction is completed Android phone all contacts and another information extract in SD card of your folder named forensics
How Can You See Extract Data Of AFLogical 
First of all open the file manager. Then find a folder name forensics.
How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)


When you open the forensics folder then you find another folder. Open that folder
How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)
When you open the folder you see many text or CSV  format  file. You find all information here. Open file one by one and analyze the data. This file extracts MMS, phone contacts, files.
How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)
Open this file to read contacts from es note editor or another editor.
How You Hack All Android Phone Contacts  :- (Latest 2016)
So all of above is related to how to hack phone contacts of the android smartphone. This is for forensic use, not an illegal purpose.