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110+ Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers

Many times, we face problems while accessing some websites. These problems arise due to the webpage not been available on the website / URL is blocked. However, you still need to access these sites from a place where it is blocked. So, the best method or solution here to access your useful websites is by using a proxy website. Proxy websites are designed to open many restricted websites which are blocked and places like colleges, government offices, schools, and other IP restricted areas.

Proxy sites therefore not only help you to access your blocked content but also help to surf the Internet anonymously. These sites are very easy and helpful to use. These sites simply redirect your entire traffic through the network by their service so that you can access the website directly. This is possible because when websites are blocked that servers are not blocked necessarily.
Hence today we have compiled a list of proxy websites which are helpful to you in many kinds of situations.

1.Skull Proxy 
This is the newest yet most powerful proxy server that you should use to access your desired site. The load time of the page is also quite low. This gives way for fast and easy access.

2.Hidester | Anonymous Free Web Proxy 

Many people use this proxy site for various reasons. Cool one of them is to avoid tracked by government multinational and even cybercriminals. This site can easily allow you to view your content from behind a Firewall or even unlock content at work.
It is absolutely safe and easy web proxy which will guarantee your privacy.

3. Hide My Ass VPN 

This is perhaps the most well-known proxy in the industry which is both available in the free and premium version.

4. – Best proxy server 

Of many proxy websites, available this is one of the best because of multiple advantages. It is an awesome website with completely free services. The homepage contains a URL box where we have to directly enter the URL we want to access. There are many more options such as enabling JavaScript and cookies can be allowed depending on our choices. The website is also clean with not too many ads or pop ups.


This is again a very impressive proxy server which has an amazing site interface. It has really nice responsive UI similar to many professional websites. This website also provides with several service from different parts of the countries like US and Europe. So, if one of the proxy servers does not work for you then another will work surely. There are many more additional options to manage cookies and edit user agents too.

100+ Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers 



  1. Vtunnel –
  2. 4everproxy –
  3. Unblock My Web –
  4. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  5. Working Proxy –
  6. New Ip Now –
  7. Proxy 2014 –
  8. –
  9. Unblock YouTube Free –
  10. Proxify –
  11. Ninja Clock –
  12. –
  13. HideMyAss –
  14. AnonyMizer –
  15. kProxy –
  16. Zfreez –
  17. AnonyMouse –
  18. Free Open Proxy –
  19. Vobas –
  20. Don’t Filter –
  21. BlewPass –
  22. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  23. HideOnline Proxy –
  24. Hiding Your Info –
  25. Free YouTube –
  26. Unblocker –
  27. Fast USA Proxy –
  28. YouTube Free Proxy –
  29. Proxyo –
  30. Quickproxy –
  31. Defilter –
  32. Free Proxy Server –
  33. Free YouProxyTube –
  34. The Best Proxy –
  35. EXCS –
  36. VPN Browse –
  37. ProxyOne –
  38. Rapid Proxy –
  39. Web Proxy Free –
  40. Hide The Internet –
  41. Greatest Free Proxy –
  42. Just Proxy –
  43. Singapore Proxy –
  44. Travel VPN –
  45. Proxy-2014 –
  46. PRO Intern –
  47. Host App –
  48. Fun Proxy –
  49. Fast Time –
  50. Can’t Block This –
  51. Work Host –
  52. Proxy Call MeNames –
  53. Singapore Proxy –
  54. Travel VPN –
  55. PRO Intern –
  56. Host App –
  57. Fun Proxy –
  58. Fast Time –
  59. Work Host –
  60. Proxy Call MeNames –
  61. Suede Proxy –
  62. To Proxy –
  63. US Proxy –
  64. Spedo –
  65. PHProxy –
  66. London Proxy –
  67. Kr Proxy –
  68. America Proxy –
  69. PK Proxy –
  70. Brazil Proxy –
  71. Canada Proxy –
  72. CA Proxies –
  73. WebSurf Proxy –
  74. Proxy 2015 –
  75. FB Proxies –
  76. US Proxy –
  77. You Liaoren –
  78. Proxy Internet –
  79. Fish Proxy –
  80. Zacebook PK –
  81. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  82. German Proxy –
  83. Proxys –
  84. Justun Block IT –
  85. Proxy This –
  86. kProxy Site –
  87. ViewTube –
  88. HideMyTraxProxy –
  89. Proxay –
  90. Working Proxy –
  91. F4FP –
  92. Sporium –
  93. Saoudi Proxy –
  94. Proxy Browse –
  95. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  96. PRO Unblock –
  97. Star Doll Proxy –
  98. HideMyAss UK –
  99. DZ Hot –
  100. TiaFun-
  101. 1FreeProxy –
  102. Network ByPass –
  103. Me Hide –
  104. Go Proxy –
  105. Zalmos –
  106. Intern Cloud –
  107. Xite Now –
  108. Surf For Free –
  109. Hidden Digital –

Learn How To Hack Wifi Password From Android – 2017

Hack wifi with android: Latest tricks to crack wifi password without root your android device. Yes, you read correctly this latest article helps you to hack neighbors wifi password using CMD ( Command Prompt ). Finally, we got the full working trick to crack wifi internet connection using Android device. We have received many requests from our blog readers about How to hack wifi with android.


How To Hack Wifi Password In Android

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is a standard wireless network security. The main purpose of this wireless protocol is to know wireless security. This security protocol is developed by Wifi Alliance in 2006 with the aim to make a fully secure wireless internet network. Android is a Linux Kernal based operating system so you can easily unlock wifi passwords. But you need to very small requirements and follow certain steps. Most of the airtel broadband use Dlink routers and this router mostly hacked by a rooted android device.

Methods to find wifi password on iPad is very simple and easy to implement. There are lots of tricks available on the internet. But most of the tricks are not working or fake tricks available. Today in this article we are going to share best hacking software for windows. We are getting daily lots of question like how to crack wifi password? How to find wifi password without root?



Method 1: WPS Wireless Scanner APP

WPS Wireless Scanner APP is a one of the most popular android application to crack wifi on non rooted android device. Now just follow below step by step process.

  • First, step to download WPSPIN android application from below link.

Download WPSPIN Android Apk

  • After download install this app on your android device and open it.
  • This android application will automatically scan for WPS enabled wireless networks.
  • After scan complete click on the WiFi connection.
  • And note down the eight digit pin number.
  • You can use this 8 digit pin number instead of a password.
  • Now enter the 8 digit pin number in place of a password of Wifi.
  • And enjoy the free wifi internet connection.

Method 2: Wifi WPS WPA Tester – Hack Wifi On iPhone

Wifi WPS WPA tester is the best android application to bypass any wifi password. Wifi WPS WPA Tester only supports latest version of android 5.O & Android Marshmallow. Your android device is must be updated. Follow below step by step process to use wifi WPS WPA tester apk.

  • Download WPS WPA tester android application from below direct download link.

Download Wifi WPS WPA Tester App

  • After download just install WPS/WPA tester app in your android device and open it.
  • After that click on the refresh button.
  • If you find a green button that means this app automatically hack wifi.
  • If this app shows red button it means wifi is strongly password protected.
  • Choose any green signal WiFi connection and click on connect automatic pin.
  • This app finds password within a few seconds.
  • And enjoy the free wifi on non rooted android device.

Method 3: Using AndroDumper Android App

AndroDumper apk is another best android application which helps you to hack wifi passwords on non rooted android device. For use, Andro Dumper android application follows below step by step process.

  • Download AndroDumper android application from below link direct download link.

Download AndroDumper Apk

  • After download install AndroDumper app in your android device and open it.
  • Now press the refresh button at top of the screen.
  • Select try connects option from the pop-up and this app finds wifi password within a few seconds.
  • Enjoy free wifi on non rooted android device.

Tricks 4: Wifi Password Scrapper

Wifi password scrapper is a most useful android application on google play store. This android app not required rooted android device so you can use this android application on non rooted android device. This app scans for available wifi network and hacks their password. Just follow below step by step process.

  • First download wifi password scrapper android application from below direct download link.

Download Wifi Password Scrapper

  • After download install in your android device and open it.
  • Now refresh for getting available networks.
  • On available wifi networks, you can see a green lock icon.
  • Click on the green lock icon and this app automatically connect to wifi networks.

Hack wifi using Kali Linux without wordlist.

Method 5: Bcmon Android Apk

Bcmon app is used to enable monitor mode on your rooted android device. But this method is only used for broadcom chipset supported android device. Bcmon means broadcom bcm4329/4330 wifi chipset. The best part of this app is also supported wifi cards. Bcmon app is required the rooted android device. This android app required rever android app is used to attack WPS enabled routers and find the WPA key. Bcmon App required approx 2-3 hours to crack WPS enable wifi network. And sometimes it will never successful it depends on the network type. Here we are providing latest and 100% working trick to how to hack wifi internet connection.

Requirement For Use Bcmon App On Android

  • Android device must be supported broadcom wifi chipset
  • The device is must be rooted.

Follow below step by step process to crack WPA/WPA2 enable wifi on the android device using Bcmon android application.

  • The first step to download Bcmon android application from below link direct download link.

Download Bcmon app

  • After download install Bcmon app in your android device and open it.
  • And install firmware tools and click on enable monitor mode
  • Now download rever and install on your android device.
  • After that check the box of an automatically advanced setting option.
  • Rever is used to check available access point of WPS enables wifi networks.
  • After scan chooses the WPS to enable network and click on start attack button.

Hack WEP Enable Wifi In Android Device

WEP is very weak wireless network security protocol. And is no more preferred protocol because WEP is not secure than WPA and this protocol is hacked within a second. This method is also required rooted android device and Bcmon android app. For crack WEP enables wifi network to follow below step by step process.

  • First, download Bcmon android app from below direct download link.
  • After that install in your rooted android device and open.
  • Now click on run Bcmon terminal option.
  • Type airdump-ng command in terminal and hit enter.
  • Now on new window type airodump-ng wlan0 and hit the enter button.
  • After that open rever app and note down the wifi name, a broadcasting channel and Mac address of WEP wifi network.
  • Start scanning the wifi and collect packages. Now type the below command

airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w outputfile ath()

  • MAC address is the MAC address of the router and channel# is the broadcasting channel. The complete command is below.

airodump-ng -c 9 –bssid 00:19:2G:7E:80:20 -w outputfile ath()

  • Now continue scanning until is collect 20,000 to 30,000 packets and run aircrack-ng outputfile*.cap command.
  • This process take approx 2-3 hours. The wifi key in form of hexadecimal number and remove from the key.

Methods 6: ZAnti

ZAnti is another wifi password hacking tool for android device. This android application is penetration testing android app. In ZAnti android app you can alter the settings of your wifi network that is internet accessed by the wifi can be altered using this android application. Using ZAnti app you can change the website images on the wifi network. You can change google search result on the wifi network, Do session hijacking on the wifi network and you can check the IP address and MAC address of other connected wifi users device.

Method 7: Wifi Kill

The main purpose of Wifi Kill android application is to hack any wifi password free and disconnect the all available connected user to the network. This app provides you authority to kick off other connected devices from your network. Wifi Kill android application is work on latest version of the android device like android 4.0+. If this android application falls in wrong hand then it’s very dangerous app. So Don’t make this android application illegally to be on safer side.

Download Wifi Kill

Crack Wifi Password Software Free Download

Wifi password hacker software is latest and one of the best software for computer and laptop. Using this software you can easily access your friend’s wifi network without getting permission or authorized by an administrator. This software is very easy to use and user friendly interface makes very popular. For use this cracking software you do not need to any technical knowledge. This awesome software allow you to download any files, software, movies, videos, games and much more without virus.



The first thing you’ll want to do is enable your attacking machine to route traffic.  This way, when your victim machine makes a request to an external HTTP server you will forward the request and intercept the server’s response.  This behavior is necessary for credential harvesting attacks. If it helps, you can think of yourself as an interception proxy much like the one we are using in this tutorial.

$ echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward



This step creates two firewall rules which will forward all outbound requests to port 80 and 443 to your attacking machine.  If your IP address is ‘’, then replace ‘x.x.x.x’ with that address.  Later we’ll tell Burp Suite to listen on these two ports.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination x.x.x.x
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 443 -j DNAT --to-destination x.x.x.x


Next, we will tell Burp Suite to stand up two listening proxies, one on port 80 and one on port 443:

  • Click on the proxy tab and then click on the options sub-tab.
  • Click the add button and type ‘443’ for the bind port.
  • Select the all interfaces radio button.
  • Click on the request handling tab and check the invisible proxy support box.

If you’ve purchased or otherwise “acquired” an SSL certificate you can configure it on the certificate tab. If not, leave those settings the way they are. Repeat the above steps for port ’80’ as well.

Burp Suite Tutorial - MiTM Credential Harvesting
Burp Suite Tutorial – MiTM Credential Harvesting

#ProTip Don’t sweat it if you can’t obtain a legitimate SSL Certificate. 90% of all users will click “continue anyway and die slowly of cancer” if prompted.



The last thing you need to do before you can begin credential harvesting is poison your victim’s ARP cache.  This affectively causes the victim to think that you are their primary gateway.  Assuming your victim is at ‘’.

$ arpspoof -i eth0 -t

#ProTip Treat this attack vector like a scalpel and not a machine gun.  That is, only poison carefully picked individual targets not entire subnets.


Now you just have to sit back and wait for your victim to log into an HTTP or HTTPS application.  Their credentials will be displayed inside a POST request within the Burp Suite interface.  Pay attention to the alerts log in Burp Suite.  This information can help you troubleshoot potential connectivity issues.  With luck, you’ll find a user authenticating to a home grown .NET application or the company Intranet page using their Active Directory credentials.
Credential Harvesting POST Request
Credential Mining POST Request


Using Google Hacking To Access Public Webcams

Use Google For Footprinting

How to use Google hacking to uncover information about a target. To do this exercise, you can use any browser and just go to

1. In the search box enter the phrase FindingQuery. This will search the website and return any references that include the findingquery.

2. In the search box enter the phrase Allinurl: network camera. This will return a list of web-enabled cameras that are attached to the Internet.

3. In the search box enter the phrase Link: This will return a list of websites that link to the website

Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool



You can download the latest tarball by clicking here or latest zipball by clicking here.

Preferably, you can download sqlmap by cloning the Git repository:

git clone --depth 1 sqlmap-dev

sqlmap works out of the box with Python version 2.6.x and 2.7.x on any platform.


To get a list of basic options and switches use:

python -h

To get a list of all options and switches use:

python -hh

You can find a sample run here. To get an overview of sqlmap capabilities, list of supported features and description of all options and switches, along with examples, you are advised to consult the user’s manual.

What’s a Honeypot ? How to set one up ?

In computer terminology, a honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally, a honeypot consists of data (for example, in a network site) that appears to be a legitimate part of the site but is actually isolated and monitored, and that seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers, which are then blocked. This is similar to the police baiting a criminal and then conducting undercover surveillance, and finally punishing the criminal.


By the end of this tutorial you should have created a command server with at least one sensor attached to it, all being created by using tools provided by the Modern Honeypot Network


Step 1- Digitalocean and an Ubuntu server.

In this stage you will be setting up an Ubuntu server on Digitalocean. At the end of this stage you should have a fully working server running the Ubuntu operating system and should have received a confirmation email from DigitalOcean. You can achieve this by following the below steps:

STEP 1.1 – Creating a droplet


Select Ubuntu under ‘Choose an image’

First you will need to sign into your DigitalOcean account with the username and password you entered on creation.

Now you will need to set up your droplet, in this instance we will be using the bare minimum required to run our server.  First off you will need to choose the underlying operating system for your command server. Once we have finished we will be using a website GUI front end so the underlying OS is not overly important, however in this instance we will be using Ubuntu (Make sure this is the version specified in the image to the right) .



Select the ‘$5/mo’ option





Next we will be choosing the specifications of our command server. This server will be taking the information given to it by our sensors and in turn will not be performing any overly complicated tasks. That being the case it is a good choice to choose the least expensive option in this regard. That being the case in this instance we will choose the ‘$5/mo’ option.


Select a location closest to you.

The final option that we will be dealing with on this setup page is the location in which our server is based. It is best to choose a location that is closer to where you will be primarily dealing with the server however this choice is up to you. As HackingInsider works out of the UK we will be selecting London.

Finally you will be presented with several additional options, in regards to this instance we will not be using any of these and we can now simply move onto creating our droplet. To do so select ‘Create’. After which you may need to set up your payment information depending on if you have done so in the past.

After the above has been completed you will be emailed the details for your new server of which you can take forward to the next stage. The above is required due to the necessity of having a command sever that our AWS sensors will communicate with. On average the above process should take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Step 2  – Setting up the control server:

Now we have set up the backend for our server we will now need to add the Modern Honeypot Network (MHN) framework to our server. At the end of this you should have a fully working Honeypot with a working GUI web front end. This can be achieved by following the below steps:

Step 2.1 – Installing a command line interface tool:


The Putty GUI

For the remainder of this tutorial we will be using the command line interface (CLI) on Ubuntu, that being the case we will need a tool we can use to operate this. In this instance I will be using a tool called Putty, which is a free tool that can be used for an array of tasks.

Once you have downloaded putty off their website you can launch it like any other .exe program.

Step 2.2 – Accessing your server and installing MHN:

After you have completed the above you will need to enter the IP that you were emailed by DigitalOcean into the section on Putty that asks for ‘Host Name (or IP address)’. After you have done this, select ‘Open’. You will be taken to a CLI of which you will be asked to enter the server’s username and password (These would have also been emailed to you). After so you will be asked to change the server’s password.

You will now have access to your server and in turn its CLI. The next step of which will be to install the needed software to run the Modern Honeypot Network. Once here you will need to enter the following commands in order, dealing with any errors that occur accordingly.


Ubuntu CLI

sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get update
cd /opt/
apt-get install git -y
git clone
cd mhn
sudo bash



MHN setup

Eventually you will be greeted with a prompt asking for you to enter an array of questions for your Honeypot. These will depend solely on what you want to set them as, however see the image below for an example of an input.


After the above the script will continue to configure the Modern Honeypot Network setup and will take a sizable amount of time. During this process you will also be asked if you want to integrate the honeypot with Splunk, for simplicity we will select ‘no’ in this instance.


Web interface for MHN

After the installation has taken place you will then be able to visit your server via a web browser. If you point your webbrowser to  the IP address sent to you by DigitalOcean you will be able to access your server’s web GUI.

This stage was required to set up MHN on your main command server and to create the GUI interface you will use day to day. This stage will take approximately 30 minutes due to the installation time.


Step 3 – Deploying sensors:

In this stage you should finish the completion of your Modern Honeypot Network setup. After this stage you should have set up at least one sensor (based off AWS) that will communicate back to your command server. You can achieve this by following the below steps:

Step 3.1 – Set up an AWS instance:

After creating your AWS account you will be directed to a screen detailing an array of Amazon Web Services, on this screen you are looking for the one labelled EC2. After which you will need to locate the button labelled ‘launch instance’.


Choose Ubuntu as your AMI

When launching this instance you will need to follow very similar steps to previously when working with Digitalocean. First you will need to select the operating system you wish to be installed on the server, in this case we will be using Ubuntu.


Add a security group to allow all traffic from all IPs

Next you will continue through the setup process selecting the next button as appropriate, this being until you reach the ‘Step 6: Configure Security Group’ page.  On this page you will create a security group that allows for traffic to access the server from any IP address.


Create a keypair

After you have done this you can review your setup and then finally click ‘Launch’. Once you have selected this you will be asked to make a ‘Key pair’. Once you have created your key pair you will need to download it.

After you have completed the above stages you will have set up an AWS server and can view it by selecting the ‘instances’ button.

Step 3.2 – Accessing your instance via Putty:


Load your .PEM key and save a .PPK key

As  Putty does not accept the default .pem key files that AWS creates we will need to convert it. You can do this by using the tool puttygen.exe of which should have been downloaded along with putty. Once opened you will need to select the ‘Load’ button and find your .pem key. You will then need to select ‘Save private key’ and save it as the same name as your key was on AWS.


Load your .PPK key

After you have done this you will need to open up Putty again and go to ‘Category’ > ‘Connection’ > ‘SSH’ > ‘Auth’. Once here you will need to ‘Browse’ to your newly created key file.


ubuntu@<Your server’s Public DNS>

Once you have done this you will need to SSH into your Ubuntu server, do this by following the image below.

After you have SSHed into the server you will once again be confronted with a CLI of which should allow you to access your Ubuntu instance.

Step 3.3 – Running the sensor Script:


Select ‘Ubuntu – Snort’ in the ‘Select Script’ section

Now you have a working AWS instance we can now run a Bash script on it to connect it to your command server. To do this you will need to sign into your command server via your website GUI and go to the ‘Deploy’ section. Once in this section you will need to select ‘Ubuntu – Snort’.  In the ‘Deploy command’ section you will be presented with a script. Copy this script into your AWS CLI and wait for it to be completed. Once completed you can also choose ‘Kippo as vulnerable juniper netscreen’ and enter that into your CLI.

After you have completed this you’r Honeypot will now be fully functional and will begin to collect attack data from those who attack it. You can view this data from the website GUI interface.


WebDAV security scanner – Discover hidden files and folders

DAVScan is a quick and lightweight WebDAV security scanner designed to discover hidden files and folders on DAV enabled web servers. The scanner works by taking advantage of overly privileged/misconfigured WebDAV servers or servers vulnerable to various disclosure or authentication bypass vulnerabilities.

DAVScan - WebDAV Security Scanner

The scanner attempts to fingerprint the target server and then spider the server based on the results of a root PROPFIND request.



  • Server header fingerprinting – If the webserver returns a server header, davscan can search for public exploits based on the response.
  • Basic DAV scanning with PROPFIND – Quick scan to find anything that might be visible from DAV.
  • Unicode Auth Bypass – Works using GET haven’t added PROPFIND yet. Not fully tested so double check the work.
  • Exclusion of DoS exploit results – You can exclude denial of service exploits from the searchsploit results.
  • Exclusion of MSF modules from exploit results – Custom searchsploit is included in the repo for this. Either overwrite existing searchsploit or backup and replace. This feature may or may not end up in the real searchsploit script.


You can download DAVScan here:

dnsteal – DNS Exfiltration Tool

dnsteal is a DNS exfiltration tool, essentially a fake DNS server that allows you to stealthily extract files from a victim machine through DNS requests.

dnsteal - DNS Exfiltration Tool

dnsteal is coded in Python and is available on Github.


dnsteal currently has:

  • Support for multiple files
  • Gzip compression supported
  • Supports the customisation of subdomains
  • Customise bytes per subdomain and the length of filename



You can download dnsteal here:

OWASP OWTF – Offensive Web Testing Framework

OWASP Offensive Web Testing Framework is a project focused on penetration testing efficiency and alignment of security tests to security standards like: The OWASP Testing Guide (v3 and v4), the OWASP Top 10, PTES and NIST.

OWASP OWTF - Offensive Web Testing Framework

The purpose of this tool is to automate the manual and uncreative parts of pen testing. For example, Figuring out how to call “tool X” then parsing results of “tool X” manually to feed “tool Y” and so on is time consuming.

By reducing this burden we hope pen testers will have more time to:

  • See the big picture and think out of the box,
  • Find, verify and combine vulnerabilities efficiently,
  • Have time to Investigate complex vulnerabilities like business logic, architectural flaws, virtual hosting sessions, etc.
  • Perform more tactical/targeted fuzzing on seemingly risky areas
  • Demonstrate true impact despite the short time-frames we are typically given to test.


This tool is however not a silver bullet and will only be as good as the person using it. Understanding and experience will be required to correctly interpret the tool output and decide what to investigate further in order to demonstrate the impact.


  • Web UI. Now configure and monitor OWTF via a responsive and powerful interface accessible via your browser.
  • Exposes RESTful APIs to all core OWTF capabilties.
  • Instead of implementing yet another spider (a hard job), OWTF will scrub the output of all tools/plugins run to gather as many URLs as possible.
  • Scan by various aggression levels: OWTF supports scans which are based on the aggressiveness of the plugins/tools invoked.
  • Extensible OWTF manages tools through ‘plugins’ making it trivial to add new tools.
  • OWTF has been developed keeping Kali Linux in mind, but it also supports other pentesting distros such as Samurai-WTF, etc.
  • Tool paths and configuration can be easily modified in the web interface.
  • Fastest Python MiTM proxy yet!
  • Crash reporting directly to Github issue tracker
  • Comprehensive interactive report at end of each scan
  • Easy plugin-based system; currently 100+ plugins!
  • CLI and web interface

You can download OWASP OWTF here:

Hacker Tools Top 10 – 2016 Update

Nmap (Network Mapper) | Free

Used to Scan Ports and Map Networks – and a whole bunch more!

Nmap is an abbreviation of ‘Network Mapper’, and it’s very well known free open source hackers tool. Nmap is mainly used for network discovery and security auditing. Literally, thousands of system admins all around the world will use nmap for network inventory, check for open ports, manage service upgrade schedules, and monitor host or service uptime. Nmap, as a tool uses raw IP packets in creative ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are providing information about, what operating systems (fingerprinting) and what type and version of packet filters/ firewalls are being used by the target. There are dozens of benefits of using nmap, one of which is that fact that the admin user is able to determine whether the network (and associated nodes) need patching. Nmap’s been featured in literally every hacker movie out there, not least the recent Mr. Robot series. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a GUI version of Nmap called ‘Zenmap’. We’d advise you to learn using Nmap (i.e. the ‘command line’) then rotate into Zenmap when you are feeling all confident.

Metasploit Penetration Testing Software | Free & Paid

Vulnerability Exploitation Tool

The Metasploit Project is a hugely popular pentesting or hacking framework. If you are new to Metasploit think of it as a ‘collection of hacking tools and frameworks’ that can be used to execute various tasks. Widely used by cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers this is a tool that you have to learn. Metasploit is essentially a computer security project (framework) that provides the user with vital information regarding known security vulnerabilities and helps to formulate penetration testing and IDS testing plans, strategies and methodologies for exploitation. There’s a ton of incredibly useful Metasploit information out there and we hope that the books that we’ve chosen go someway to help you on your journey, not least if you are a beginner just starting out and looking for beginners tutorials in how to use Metasploit.

John The Ripper | Free

Password Cracking Tool

John the Ripper (often you’ll see abbreviated as ‘JTR’) wins the award for having the coolest name. John the Ripper, mostly just referred to as simply, ‘John’ is a popular password cracking pentesting tool that is most commonly used to perform dictionary attacks. John the Ripper takes text string samples (from a text file, referred to as a ‘wordlist’, containing popular and complex words found in a dictionary or real passwords cracked before), encrypting it in the same way as the password being cracked (including both the encryption algorithm and key), and comparing the output to the encrypted string. This tool can also be used to perform a variety of alterations to dictionary attacks. If you are somewhat confused between John the Ripper and THC Hydra then think of John the Ripper as an ‘offline’ password cracker whilst THC Hydra is an “online” cracker.

THC Hydra | Free

Password Cracking Tool

We’ve purposely placed THC Hydra underneath John The Ripper because they often go ‘hand-in’hand’. THC Hydra (we’ve abbreviated to simply ‘Hydra’ throughout our site) is a hugely popular password cracker and has a very active and experienced development team. Essentially THC Hydra is a fast and stable Network Login Hacking Tool that will use dictionary or brute-force attacks to try various password and login combinations against an log in page. This hacking tool supports a wide set of protocols including Mail (POP3, IMAP, etc.), Databases, LDAP, SMB, VNC, and SSH. Take a look at John the Ripper as well.

OWASP Zed | Free

Web Vulnerability Scanner

The Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is now one of the most popular OWASP projects. The fact that you’ve reached this page means that you are likely already a relatively seasoned cybersecurity professional so it’s highly likely that you are very familiar with OWASP, not least the OWASP Top Ten Threats listing which is considered as being the ‘guide-book’ of web application security. This hacking and pentesting tool is a very efficient as well as being an ‘easy to use’ program that finds vulnerabilities in web applications. ZAP is a popular tool because it does have a lot of support and the OWASP community is really an excellent resource for those that work within Cyber Security. ZAP provides automated scanners as well as various tools that allow you the cyber pro to discover security vulnerabilities manually. Understanding and being able to master this tool would also be advantageous to your career as a penetration tester. If you are a developer then you have it’s obviously highly recommended that you learn how to become very proficient with this ‘hacker tool!’

Wireshark | Free

Web Vulnerability Scanners

Wireshark is a very popular pentesting tool and for over a year it was not included on our list, however, by popular demand we added it in late June 2016. Wireshark essentially captures data packets in a network in real time and then displays the data in human-readable format (verbose). The tool (platform) has been highly developed and it includes filters, color-coding and other features that lets the user dig deep into network traffic and inspect individual packets. If you’d like to become a penetration tester or work as a Cyber Security practioner, then learning how to use Wireshark is a must. There are a ton of resources out there to learn Wireshark, and, of particular interest, there’s also a Wireshark Certification which you can achieve and place on your LinkedIn profile.

Aircrack-ng | Free

Password Cracking Tool

The Aircrack suite of Wifi (Wireless) hacking tools are legendary because they are very effectively when used in the right hands. For those new to this wireless-specific hacking program, Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking hacking tool that can recover keys when sufficient data packets have been captured (in monitor mode). For those tasked with penetrating and auditing wireless networks Aircrack-ng will become your best friend. It’s useful to know that Aircrack-ng implements standard FMS attacks along with some optimizations like KoreK attacks, as well as the PTW attacks to make their attacks more potent. If you are a mediocre hacker then youll be able to crack WEP in a few minutes and you ought to be pretty proficient at being able to crack WPA/ WPA2. For those interested in Wireless Hacking we’d also highly recommend taking a look at the very awesome Reaver, another very popular hacking tool that alas we couldn’t add to our list.

Maltego | Free & Paid

Digital Forensics

Maltego is different in that it works within a digital forensics sphere. Maltego is a platform that was designed to deliver an overall cyber threat picture to the enterprise or local environment in which an organization operates. One of the awesome things about Maltego which likely makes it so popular (and included in the Kali Linux Top Ten) is its’s unique perspective in offering both network and resource based entities is the aggregation of information sourced throughout the web – whether it’s the current configuration of a vulnerable router within a network or the current whereabouts of your staff members on their international visits, Maltego can locate, aggregate and visualize this data! For those interested in learning how to use Maltego we’d also recommend learning about OSINT cybersecurity data procurement.

Cain and Abel Hacking Tool | Free

Password Cracker/ Password Hacking

Cain and Abel (often simply abbreviated to Cain) is a hugely popular hacking tool and one that is very often mentioned online in a variety of ‘hacking tutorials’. At its’ heart, Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows but it can be used off-label in a variety of uses, for example, white and black hat hackers use Cain to recover (i.e. ‘crack’) many types of passwords using methods such as network packet sniffing and by using the tool to crack password hashes. Cain, for example, when used to crack password hashes would use methods such as dictionary attacks, brute force, rainbow table attacks and cryptanalysis attacks.

Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner | Free

Website Vulnerability Scanner Hacking Tool

Nikto is another classic ‘Hacking Tool’ that a lot of pentesters like to use. Worth mentioning that Nickto is sponsored by Netsparker (which is yet another Hacking Tool that we have also listed in our directory). Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner which is able to scan and detect web servers for vulnerabilities. The system searches against a database of over 6800 potentially dangerous files/ programs when scanning software stacks. Nikto, like other scanners out there, also scans for outdated (unpatched) versions of over 1300 servers, and version specific problems on over 275 servers. Interestingly, Nikto can also check server configuration items such as the presence of multiple index files, HTTP server options, and the platform will also try to identify installed web servers and web applications. Nikto will get picked up by any semi-decent IDS tool so its’ really useful when conducting a white-hat/ white-box pentest. Certainly a great tool to learn your skills on when attacking an open box for training.